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Monday, November 30, 2009

A Sad Post

Last night I received a phone call from Ansley's teacher. The mother of one of Ans's classmates had passed on. This lady was very special to everyone in the class because she came to the school every single day and volunteered in Ans's class. She often would work 14 hours a day. She was a true inspiration to volunteerism in schools. She made a difference not only in her sons life, but she adopted all of the children in the class as her own. My daughter spent a lot of time with her because Ans will often stay after school to help her teacher with various projects. I had the privilege of getting to know Ms. T when I helped with the school carnival. She also was always there when Dean would pick Ans up after school. Always with a smile.

Our thoughts now turn to her 9 y/o son that woke up this morning without his mama. My heart breaks for him. Last night while I was trying to sleep I thought up the idea that everyone can mail him a Christmas card. The cost is minimal and only takes a few minutes. This could really brighten this little boys day to know that so many people care for him. Please help us make this happen!
Mail cards to:
Matthew T.
C/O Kim Gracey
201 Rhomboid
North Augusta SC 29841

I am just going to sign my card "Mama". It is a way for her to tell him Merry Christmas when she is not here.

I often read emails or post about this type of thing and have good intentions to take the time to do this, and never do. Please make the time. Such little effort on our part can mean so much to him.

Thank You!

PS Moo Mommy and all the highlights from Family Weekend (Turkey Addition) is coming! I kept my daughter home with me today, so we have been snuggling and playing.

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  1. How sad. These kind of stories are a true reminder of how fragile life really is. My heart goes out to your daughter's friend.