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Friday, November 20, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

Every year I try to do something memorable with the kids because I am a firm believer that if you focus on the gift and commercialism, that is what they will take away from Christmas. I would rather make memories. I am not saying my children do not do the whole Santa, presents thing...that is just not what I want them to remember.
The other day we were talking on our mommy board and a mommy shared a Christmas tradition that I thought rocked! It incorporates the 12 days of Christmas song in with sharing the holiday with a special family in your life.
You pick a family that means a lot to you, or may be going through a harder time (for whatever reason) this holiday season. For the 12 days of Christmas you think of clever ideas to give small tokens that go along with the song for that day. You can give it to the family, or do a ding and run so you stay anonymous.
Examples for the day 1 could be tree branch with a few pears and a cut out little bird. Day 2 could be 2 dove soap bars and 2 turtle candies.
You can get as creative as you want! This is a great idea to do with kids! The mommy that told me about this idea said that on the 12th night they would knock and not run. They had 12 of the drum stick ice creams and they would sing the whole 12 days of Christmas song! How cool is that! I can not wait to do this! I talked with the family tonight and they are so friggin excited! It is so cool for us all to bounce ideas off of each other for the days!
The family we have chosen is our next door neighbors. They are the sweetest people. When we moved here 3 months ago they came over an introduced themselves and have been great neighbors since. They have Daddy, Mommy, 5 y/o son, 3 y/o son and a new son due any day! Mommy lost her brother unexpectedly about 2 weeks ago and that has been hard on their family.
We are thinking about our days now! Dean came up with a great idea for day 1. He said we can use pear baby food since they will be having a little one soon. We are going to try to get things that the boys would like. If anyone has any ideas please comment!!
Thank you AM for this super great idea. I will keep you all up dated with pics and stories of how this goes. I hope we don't get caught!!

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