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Yep! I am all of the above, with a little bit of nice rolled in for good measure (although I don’t show that often). I started this blog just wanting to shoot the shit…yes I do use potty words, they make me feel grown up (kinda)…and after 2 + months I have decided that is what I want to keep on doing. I love give away moms and PR moms rock…that is just not what I started this site for. The only thing I might give away is a small piece of my brain (I can’t afford a big piece, I would have nada left). I will dance for comments and I love followers, not just for the sake of following. If you like who I am and what I do- Follow me Bitches. If not, that is cool.

I am a non baby wearing, put your ass in a crib, drink from a bottle and a spanking you deserve is a spaning you will get mama. I DO NOT care how you raise your kid. If you want to breast feed until Junior High…that’s cool (I am gonna talk about your ass, but that is cool). No seriously, everyone parents in different ways. I parent the way I was parented and the way that 99% of the people I know were parented. I am from the south, so we tend to not be as “green” (unless you are talking about collards, I am all over that) as other regions. That does not mean I don’t respect others ways of parenting. I just ask that you respect mine.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gifts, baby jails, and cookies!


Wow! I can not believe that the weekend is over. I must say that my tribe and I were very busy! On Friday I received and email from Ansley's teacher (who BTW ROCKS!) about a Navy Seaman that their class is sending a care package to for the holidays! AWESOME! Being the granddaughter of a 3 time war veteran and Dean's dad serving in the Air force we are definitely military supporters! If we agree or disagree with the war, we will always support the people who keep us free and will die for us. We push respect and honor in our house for the armed forces. We also expect that our children have a great respect for our country. That being said, off to Wally World with our list. All of the items that were listed were food items, so I called her teacher (yes, at 7pm on a Friday night) to find out if he likes a certain type of music of books. She promptly called around and found out he was a lover of all...crap...so he is 23ish and I am 32ish and Dean is 42ish...maybe we can figure something out!
We ended up with the new Creed CD. I hope he likes it, and if not I hope one of his shipmates do! LOL We also got a few of his favorite food items, baby wipes, and hand warmers (the kind you break and they stay hot for 10 hours). These are in great need over seas right now because it is starting to get cold at night. I got 4 for $1.44. You can find them near the check outs at Wal-Mart. I greatly encourage everyone to try to get a small group together to send some love to these men and women. Just the littlest things that remind them of home can make it so much easier for them.

On Saturday we did our normal routine, except they had to get ready for their over night at Auties house. We did a great date night (read blogs below). I finally crawled into bed last night about 1am and I was miserable. I missed my babies. The older kids go to DA's every other weekend, so I am kinda use to them leaving...but Laney...I tossed and turned all night. I don't think that I slept 1 hour straight. When I woke up I heard the rain pounding my window...ugh! I hate the rain when everyone is not home. About that time the phone rang. A few minutes later Dean came in our room to get dressed. Auntie had called and her son was not feeling well so she asked could we come and pick the kids up. YES! I mean no! I hate my cousin was sick, but I was glad my kiddies were coming home!

When Dean got back I got more of the story...

Seems like I was not the only one that did not sleep last night. My little Laney Bugg decided that she was not so happy with not being home in her crib. She kept Auntie up...all night. WOW! That has never happened in our house. Since she was 2 1/2 months old she has slept through the night and never wakes up. I like to think she just missed her mommy, but I think she really missed her bed. So when they walked in the door she took a bottle and crashed.

I tried to. It didn't work. I would get almost asleep and something (or someone) would wake me up. I finally gave up. By this time patty cake princess had awoke. She was in a much better mood! Such a much better mood she started getting into everything! She has perfected this crawling business and she is on to bigger and better things. Namely anything she can get her hands on! Umm, this is not exactly going to work. While other people are home I can get things done, but when it is just the 2 of us I cant even go potty. So we busted it out..the baby jail. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I am happy to say that so far she has accepted this and actually enjoyed being in the jail...for a little while. Heck, that is all I am asking for right now. Enough time to pee and make a frigging sandwich!

So we cleaned a little, read the paper, watched football. Chief went to the store (how great is he!). He even came back and cooked some awesome chili. I did a bizzillion loads of laundry. I have 3 bizzalion more to do before Thursday. I did take a little time to let the kiddies make some cookies. Pull apart, I am not patient enough right now to do the whole "cookies from scratch" dealy. They turned out pretty decent.

We ended the day with eating dinner and Ansley said the funniest thing..."Mama you should never mix your peas in your mashed potatos. It will look like a fluffy white cloud with boogers!"

I hope yall all had a great Sunday!!!

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