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Monday, December 7, 2009

Do you have to be Christian?

This is way off from my normal "fluff" topics, but it is something that I have had on my mind all day.

I have found that when people describe others in a favorable way the term "Christian" is often used as a powerful adverb. I also, have been guilty of using the word "Christian" in that way.

It hit me today. What does that really mean on a level of describing someone? Most of the time it indicates a type of security in the fact that the person is "good" or "trustworthy". It congers up ideas that the person is on a different level. One that non Christians will never attain.

This might just be common in the South. We also then take it a step further by saying a "Good Catholic" or a "Southern Baptist". This makes you feel even more secure if the beliefs are closer to your own. Like it is a secret club and as long as you are a member you are cool.

I don't know about you, but I know several Christians that I would not trust with my children. We both might believe in Jesus, but that does not qualify them to baby sit. On that same note, I also know some Jewish people that I would trust with my life.

If someone is agnostic, does that make them a bad person? Would you allow your children to play with children from a family that is Muslim?

I guess the argument could be made that Christianity is a way that you hold yourself and conduct your life. However, other religions also teach to be kind and giving. The fact that you believe in nothing, does not mean that you have no morals.

I guess this is the "center" part of me coming out. I think we should make decisions not based on someone religion (or lack there of). We should measure the content of ones character. I also think that religion is taught at home and people should respect that.

I am Christian. I am Catholic. Some people would not like me because they are of the belief that I hit my knees and I only "pray to Mary". Or that I support pedifilia. Oh how wrong would they be...

Wow! That kinda came off as a rant! It wasn't ment to be! I was just "typing out loud". I guess I just wonder what that truly means. Does it give you comfort inside if you know someone is a Christian? Why do we describe people in this way?


  1. Being a Muslim I have never judged a person by their cover. To me it is always by their character. When you have labels in your head about a person, it clouds your judgment.

    I know I got a lot of hateful looks after 9/11 because of people who hijacked my religion. When we give people labels we know what they are and are not, which categories they neatly fit into to. It makes the world easier to figure out. Otherwise we would be lost? right?

  2. yeah that's a good question, i don't know why people do that. because christians do the same amount of sinning as anyone else! I'm catholic too, by the way, but I wouldn't trust any old person just because they were Catholic.

    Anyhoo, great post and something to think about. I'm here from MBC by the way and following!