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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why I hate the NFL

On this the day of the Super Bowl, I have decided to blah blah about the NFL. This is a veering from my normal mommy blah blah, so if you don't like sports...sorry.

I am not an NFL fan. I love football, hate the NFL. In my opinion the NFL is a big, bad corrupt corporate machine. One that cranks out billions of dollars each year. They are much like our government, they don’t give a damn about their constituents (fans). If they did, a family of 4 would not have to take out a loan to attend a game. They also would put morality clauses in the contracts so when I go plop down $100 for an NFL officially licensed jersey, I will not have to have fear that dudes name that is on the back will not be involved in a pistol whipping outside the local titty club. Do they not think that these people should act some what responsible. I don't drink all of the "role model" kool aid, but I damn sure dont want to have a persons name on my back that beat the hell out of his wife.

I have a rule that I just don't watch. I don't buy the merchandise. I do not support the insanity.

This year my rule was broken. This year I have actually watched many games in support of the New Orleans Saints. I love Louisiana. I love New Orleans. This is their year. What a great thing for the state and also for this wonderful city. The city of NO has been through so much in the last 4 years. It is time for them to have something. It is time for them to have a Super Bowl championship.

But here comes the big bad NFL wanting to piss all over their parade. Just like the government after Katrina, they are fucking over the people of NO. All I have heard out of NFL commentators for the last 2 weeks is how the Saints play "dirty". WTF does that mean? Last time I checked there are rules to this game and there are little men in black and white uniforms out on the field to make sure that the rules are followed.

They "beat down Farve", they had late hits and were playing a defense that was out to get him. Well DUH! I do not proclaim to be the brightest light bulb, but even my 10 year old will tell you that the defense has 3 main goals while on the field. 1. Hold the line. 2. Get the ball. 3. Take out the quarterback. If you have a shot at the quarterback you put every bit of might that you have behind that blow. I don't know what kinda patty cake football these NFL commentators think the Saints should be playing.

If they are not talking about how dirty the Saints are they go into Manning Worship. I had no idea that the NFL had football porn. Apparently they do because the NFL commernators sit around and watch Colts highlights and all have one big circle jerk to the great Peyton Manning. I must say that I like Peyton Manning and if the Colts were not playing the Saints I would be pulling for them. He is a LA boy, and I have a thing for all that comes from LA. Also, let's face it.  Manning is the Colts.  They are shit without him.  Common sense would say that the Saints need to try to get him out.

Then they did it. The NFL decided to act like total fools and send cease and desist orders to all of the shop owners in the French Quarter. They apparently think that they have a trade mark on the phrase "Who Dat?" and the Fleur de lis. ARE THEY FUCKING INSANE?

Yes they are. I believe that they need to research the origin of the phrase "Who Dat?" . If they did, they would see that the phrase originated from Southern University. They also need to wikapedia the origin of the fleur de lis. They would then see that is a symbol from hundreds of years ago and has been used in many countries, including France. The fleur de lis is associated with French settled areas of the country. Speaking of which, would include Louisiana and New Orleans. These symbols have been in place for years, but the NFL did not care about it until the Saints started playing well and got a shot in the big show. I don't see them trying to tell the Colts fans that they can not use horse shoes.

Let me introduce you to my Cajun friends...

You do not fuck with Southern people. You really don't fuck with Cajuns. They are crazy as hell. If you fuck with a Cajun you get one of two things. Fed to the gators or a bad gree gree on your ass. Not a good thing for the person that gave them a "chew rouge". I am guessing that many of the NFL top executives are now walking around with constant ball itch. If they take a trip to LA anytime soon, they might meet a gator named Big Mama.

The NFL also under estimates the savvyness of these cooyons. Apparently none of these people have never visited the the Quarter. They have no idea how much boot legged shit is sold down there. The also don’t realize that Cajuns don’t get even, they get ahead. I am sure that there will be some shirts sporting the following logo:


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  1. Preach on momma!!!! I love the logo and they all should wear it. From the little bit I know about them Cajuns and after meeting Dan's pure bred Cajun Grandma.....You don't want to mess with them, EVER!!! And for the NFL as I'm concerned they can suck it and have ball itch with their money sucking executives and assholes. ha!!