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Monday, February 15, 2010

Undercover Jackass- Hooters...and some awards!

This is a bonus Monday post. I had the post below set on scheduled publish then I watched Undercover Boss and I just had to write. So read below for my real Monday post.

If you have not watched Undercover Boss this week and you don’t want to hear about it stop reading right here…


I am gonna talk about it.

You better stop now.

You have been warned.

As most of you know I am a shitbox (aka the tv) junkie. I can not get enough of all these stupid reality shows. I love them. I have several that I have new obsessions with. I am surprised that I can even function in life with all of these great shows coming on the shitbox. Thank God for DVR.

I totally got sucked into the after the Super Bowl premiere of Undercover Boss. It was a pretty good little show. Then they sucked me in with previews for this weeks “Hooters” episode. I loath Hooters. Loath them.

I guess they have a place in this world (kinda like my blog! Ha!). But I aint buying what they are selling. Maybe it is because I am not into tits and ass. It’s is just not my thing. I feel sorry for the women that work there. I guess I shouldn’t. I mean they know why they are there. They applied to be sex objects. Must be something they like to do.

I get up on my soapbox about things, and this is one of them. I would not want either of my daughters to work there. I know that everyone has heard my arguments before about how it is degrading to women. It is sexist. Yada, yada, yada…all the things that most women say.

Well last nights Undercover Boss just summed up everything I thought. There was one particular manager that was shit ton stupid. He was the poster boy for male chauvinist pigs. If you have never heard of this show here is the trailer from last nights show…

The pig would be the ass that made the girls play “reindeer games” to go home (the place was dead and the ladies were making no tips). At this location the undercover jerk off boss was training to be a manager. Included in this little segment was douche bag manager lining the girls up for “inspection”. He even said something to one girl about not having her nails painted. (?) I am not sure what that has to do with serving food, but whatever. He also called all the girls “Pre Madonnas” and acted like he was enjoying humiliating these ladies.  FYI for those that did not watch, he mad them eat a plate of baked beans...piggy style. Whoever won got to go home early.

Undercover Jackass just stood by, watching. He even said to the camera crew “He knows the brand…he is just executing it wrong”. OOOOOOOOOk. He did leave and call the franchise owner and told him that he had some “concerns”. This is what the conversation should have went like…

UCB: Yeah, this is the person that sold you your franchise. You have a huge dickwad for a manager and I expect his ass to be fired like 5 minutes ago. If you don’t I will get all my high priced corporate lawyers to sue your ass for damaging our brand and putting our company at risk for a whole bunch of different lawsuits. Get it? I am going to yank your franchise. So do something…now.

If that would have been said…I would actually eat at Hooters.

But it was not. Undercover Boss Pussy just “talked” to him. He told him that was not an appropriate way to act. Waaaaaaahhhhh WTFE (what the fuck ever). I got the feeling that if a CBS film crew was not following his ass he would have slapped him on the back and bought him a beer.

I sure hope that he did not think that this show was going to be good for business. If anything it just confirmed everything I thought. Even my husband, who dearly loves Hooters wings, said that he will never spend another dollar with them after watching that.

Sigh. What a dumbass.

Onto brighter things…


I got 2 awards! Yea me! Well it is the same award from 2 kick ass bloggers.

First from

It's a Mummys Life

And then from

B Sparkly

These are awesome mommy bloggers! Go check them out! Right now! Thank you very much to both of them!

I am suppose to give this out to 12 bloggers. I am not good at this. I can never pick just 12, so I am going to break the rules (again) and give it to everyone. I think that everyone has so much to offer in their own special way, and I enjoy reading all of your blogs every single day!


  1. And I thought I was the reality show Queen. I hereby relinquish the title to the true owner. LOL! I, too, cannot live without
    1) TV
    2) DVR
    3) THE SHOWS
    Love those financial people (Dave Ramsey, and that blonde whatshername) that say when you are in financial trouble get rid of your cable or satellite.
    HA! I would sooner live on Ramen! LOL!

    He was intentionally belittling them and humiliating them. You know why? Those girls would never go out with his sorry looking ass!

    And as far as those awards…..


    Deserve them!

    You Rock!!!!

  2. Yeah Hooters is awful with the way the women are treated but i hardly feel sorry for them because they chose to work there. the tips are awesome my friend worked there and brought home 400$ one night... but hey so do strippers. At the hooters that my friend worked at, they were lined up before work and compared to a poster of the perfect hooters girl.. everything had to be perfect before they clocked in. They are only allowed to eat salads while at work, and if you gain weight the whole crew has to go running together and all this crazy stuff... its ridiculous!

  3. He was nasty. You are so friggin right. There is no way on earth those girls would ever date him! He better be glad they are not my daughters. His Texas ass would have a brand right across his forhead--DICK HOLE and an arrow pointing down his nose to his mouth.

    Keeping up with all these shows is a full time job. I wish I could get paid! Ain't no friggin way I could go without TV *or internet*. I don't have many guilty pleasures, but the shitbox is one of them. We can be co queens!
    I stayed up all last night watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. Talk about mindless tv. I am addicted though. I am not to proud to admit it. I also have a tabloid addiction. I suck all that stuff into my little brain. No wonder I am crazy as hell.

    I love your blog 2! I need advice on what to do about my stinking garage. I will post a pic in a few. It is a huge room that we dont use as an actual garage. We have a storage area and the rest is wide open for the kids to play. There is an area that has a tv and seating. My issue is the top half of the wall is this yucky grey paneling and the bottom of the wall is brick. I want to paint the top half, but I have no idea what color. I have a pic with some paint samples I have picked out. I will post it in a few.

  4. Are you serious Britney? That is insane! I guess ole dickwad manager was just doing what he was told. I know this is going to sound insane but I would rather be a stripper. lol Then I wouldnt have to wait on tables and junk. I would just get up there and shake my thang and get $.

  5. I actually went to college with Coby. (The CEO) He's actually an awesome person. Very humble and hard working. I never knew he was so rich. He worked busing tables the whole time. No silver spoon for him. He drove a modest car. Lived in an average apartment.

    I hate the premise of Hooters too, but Coby is a really nice guy. I have a feeling that manager was looking to make a name for himself on TV. The girls all looked surprised. Not like they were expecting him to do anything like that. He was a douche though. Even if he didn't make them eat the beans. There is no way those girls would look twice at him if he didn't sign their pay checks! If that place is a franchise, Coby probably can't fire him. Besides, you have to get lawyers involved these days when you want to fire someone!

  6. He seemed kinda shyish on tv. I am glad he is not the jackass that it seemed. I have to say that I was never a fan of Hooters prior to this show, so going in I may have been a little bias. Other then that one store, I think that the rest of the show depicted him in a positive note.

    You are right about firing people. It takes an act of Congress. He prolly does not have that power in a franchise, but he could yank his name. I am sure there is a lot of red tape BS involved in that. I think that if there is not some type of clause in his franchise contracts that states if the person buying the brand does not hold up to a certain ethic, now would be a good time to visit that.

    This is why I am not/will never be a boss/owner. I am a bitch. If that same thing had of happened in my restaurant I would have seriously told dude to fuck off. (Sometimes I talk before I think, imagine that!)

    I would be curious to know if he regrets doing the show. The feed back that I have seen has been very negative b/c of that one asshole (and him not being fired). He (Colby) kinda steped in shit with that one. I am sure that he would have never allowed camera to tape if he had any idea of what was going to go on.

    I do agree with Jim Bo (I think that was his name) being an ass b/c he was trying to show out. I hate people like that.

    Disick is Kortney K.'s baby daddy---Did mention that I have a serious addiction to stupid tv?