I have been cruising the mommy blog directories, so I felt like I should put up a disclaimer for the new folks.


Yep! I am all of the above, with a little bit of nice rolled in for good measure (although I don’t show that often). I started this blog just wanting to shoot the shit…yes I do use potty words, they make me feel grown up (kinda)…and after 2 + months I have decided that is what I want to keep on doing. I love give away moms and PR moms rock…that is just not what I started this site for. The only thing I might give away is a small piece of my brain (I can’t afford a big piece, I would have nada left). I will dance for comments and I love followers, not just for the sake of following. If you like who I am and what I do- Follow me Bitches. If not, that is cool.

I am a non baby wearing, put your ass in a crib, drink from a bottle and a spanking you deserve is a spaning you will get mama. I DO NOT care how you raise your kid. If you want to breast feed until Junior High…that’s cool (I am gonna talk about your ass, but that is cool). No seriously, everyone parents in different ways. I parent the way I was parented and the way that 99% of the people I know were parented. I am from the south, so we tend to not be as “green” (unless you are talking about collards, I am all over that) as other regions. That does not mean I don’t respect others ways of parenting. I just ask that you respect mine.

I guess I should say when I talk about my awesomeness I am also being silly. I don’t think I am truly a Queen, or totally awesome…I have a few flaws…..just a few! ;o)




Monday, January 4, 2010

This blog is going in the pot!

I have been bloggin for almost 2 months. I have learned a lot of things! Yeah, me and everyone that I have learned from! I want to change up a few things because, well...I can. Actually, I have decided to be what I am...a smart ass. I cuss, I fuss and I love my family more then anything in the world. I am the friend that your husbands will not want you to talk to b/c I dont take shit. I shovled shit for 8 years and I am done with it.

I am snarky and mean. I am sorry if this offends, not intended I am sure. It is just who I am. I have stuff about the 3 Musketeers and The Cheif on here all the time (you know that fluffy mommy crap I post). That is sticking around b/c that,also, is who I am. This blog is my outlet. My kids do not read it, so no DSS calls please.

"Why the heck did you name the blog 'Mama is on the Potty'"?

Well, that is where I get my best thinking done. Normally, it is the only place I can be alone. This is generally where I come up with my blog ideas. I thought it was fittin.

ANYWAY! Here it is! I have a new button, but the old one will still work. I love, love, love comments! I actually know that people are reading and getting my wacked out personality.

I am off now to hump some other blogs!


  1. I loved that post. I would like to know how you get to be alone on the potty? My kids usually tail right behind me! I might need to change the lock!

  2. I can't even ever catch an "alone moment" on the toilet! My kids march right in and start talking to me. Sigh...

  3. LMAO at this post! I have to even lock the door on the potty. Then they stand outside and knock and shake the handle and holler and want to know why they can't come in! LOL

    I love snarky, mean, smart ass people.

  4. My kids use to do that all the time. My son is almost 11, so he is over walking in on me. My older daughter (9) saves up a list of things to talk about while I am on the pot. Normally they include things that I will not allow and she is trying to talk me into. I just say "yes" to get her outta my face. My youngest is not that mobile...yet. My husband does run interferance when he is home. I get private potty time about 80% of the time now. It is great!

    I love mean, snarky, smart ass people also! I find that most of the time I can relate to what they are saying and they say things that I myself have wanted to say a million times! I really don't mean to offend. It is just how I roll!

  5. This cracked me up! My little one is a crawler and I can't leave her alone, so I bring her into the potty with me. Looking forward to those days when I can "think" alone - haha.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Well, good for you for being who you are! If we can't be the real us on our blogs then we are really sunk, huh?

  7. This is why I love you blog, you are a real person! Keep writting I will keep reading.

  8. Love both parts of you!lol. I am jealous though that you get to be alone on the potty. I don't even get that!

  9. You are a very real type of person and very truthful. I love that about you!! I really wish we could have the chance to hang out in person cause then maybe I can gets Dan's ass straightened out right quick!! I'm shoveling laods and loads of shit right now. And not just baby shit either. I love your blogs and I love trying to hold in my laughter at my desk but I never can so I look very weird sitting at my desk laughing at who knows what and tearing up cause I'm laughing so hard. Don't you dare even think about not being you Miss April!! I'll come kick you square in the Arse!!! And who cares if you think of the worlds funniest things while you are on the pot cause that just makes it the more funnier. =)

  10. Love love love the new name!! (But I liked the old one tons too!!) Anyway, I'll all for potty humor and such, as you can tell from my bloggie. And I'm happy to hear you get to spend time alone on the pot. That is my dream. To someday use the toilet alone. Oh yes. Anyhoo...sorry for being MIA for a bit. Had some guests in the house. But I'm back now and can't wait to catch up on everything I missed. Happy New Year!!!!