I have been cruising the mommy blog directories, so I felt like I should put up a disclaimer for the new folks.


Yep! I am all of the above, with a little bit of nice rolled in for good measure (although I don’t show that often). I started this blog just wanting to shoot the shit…yes I do use potty words, they make me feel grown up (kinda)…and after 2 + months I have decided that is what I want to keep on doing. I love give away moms and PR moms rock…that is just not what I started this site for. The only thing I might give away is a small piece of my brain (I can’t afford a big piece, I would have nada left). I will dance for comments and I love followers, not just for the sake of following. If you like who I am and what I do- Follow me Bitches. If not, that is cool.

I am a non baby wearing, put your ass in a crib, drink from a bottle and a spanking you deserve is a spaning you will get mama. I DO NOT care how you raise your kid. If you want to breast feed until Junior High…that’s cool (I am gonna talk about your ass, but that is cool). No seriously, everyone parents in different ways. I parent the way I was parented and the way that 99% of the people I know were parented. I am from the south, so we tend to not be as “green” (unless you are talking about collards, I am all over that) as other regions. That does not mean I don’t respect others ways of parenting. I just ask that you respect mine.

I guess I should say when I talk about my awesomeness I am also being silly. I don’t think I am truly a Queen, or totally awesome…I have a few flaws…..just a few! ;o)




Monday, January 11, 2010

Family Sunday and AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!


Yea! Family Sunday is Back! This is the first Family Sunday of the New Year. The big kids were gone for 9 days after Christmas so I decided not to post about Dean and I sitting around in sweats looking at each other.

Not that this weekend was much different. The kids were gone...again. This is the thing I hate the worst about Christmas holidays. They are gone, then some how the following weekend they go back? It always works like that. Then we have Matt's birthday next weekend so I will be super busy. Good thing is that Friday and Monday next week are out days at school, so we will have an extended weekend. Thank God because I am going to need it for everything we have planned! Yikes!

This weekend was very low key. We did not even leave the house. It was too damn cold. I know that all my friends in the north are thinking I am a whiney ass, and I am. I have always said that I would love to live up north, but not so much right now. These 20's are getting to me. I would become a hermit if I lived in the north. I have not left this house since Tuesday when we took LC to the Doc for a well baby check. I have no plans of leaving again, but I have to pick up the kids at school tomorrow, so I guess I will.

The kids came home and immediately we have to have our Wii Championship dealy. Matt was the reigning champ (acquired on Friday). Dean and Ansley battled out and Dean became #1 contender for the belt. We have a long complex list of rules. Rules that my son often begs the commissioner (Me) to bend in his favor. When I tell you this family is cut throat, you really have no idea. We can make ANYTHING a competition. So Dean beat Matt. Got the belt back. Time for contender matches again. Well I decided I wanted to play and not just comish. My Ans LAUGHED and said that "Mama has never had the belt". Like it was insane that I would even think that I could beat any of them. Haha! I promptly beat her little ass and then whipped Matts ass so who is the #1 contender for the belt?? That would be ME!

We did not have time to finish the final match (Dean and I for the belt) because it was time for me to cook. Tomorrow...it is on! I want to win just to shut their little asses up. See, that is how I work. I don't want something really bad until someone tells me I CAN'T do it. Then it is all about me showing I can. I will let y'all know tomorrow how that all works out for me...fingers X.

We had pancakes for supper. LC ate them up. We have the ridges of one tooth that popped through on Saturday night. That girl is so ready to eat!

The kids were super wild tonight (that is how it rolls when they come home) and LC joined in on the fun. They were all acting like crazy asses. Matt made the mistake of rolling his eyes at me...that is like a HUGE rule in my house. No one rolls there eyes at me. No one. Ask Dean. He did it one time. It was a good thing he was driving or I would have poked his eyes out.

So naturally I have to think of a super pain in the ass punishment. Listen up mommies. The best punishment you can give a kid is one that they think that they will not mind doing. Kinda like facing the door, putting your nose on the door and singing. Matt was in hog heaven. Until Dean changed it up and made him recite time tables. 1-12 baby. He was pissed. I don't think that he will be rolling is eye balls at me again any time soon :)

That is about it for my Sunday. Next week will be much more exciting!!!

Now for my award!!!

Ruby @ Growing up Blackxican...

Growing Up Blackxican

Great blog! Great Mommy! Great ideas!! Love it! Love how much she love her family!!!

gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award

I love this award because it came from a blogger that I also think is a beautiful blogger!

So there are some rulies attached to accepting this award. First 7 things about me...

1. I am left handed.
2. I had my first child at 22. (Well almost).
3. I have never broken a bone. Surprising since I am soooo clumsy.
4. I hate chocolate. Except when Flo is visiting.
5. I totally believe in ghosts.
6. I love, love, love to play poker. I am normally very under estimated, and win.
7. I am not a morning person. Not. at. all. Do not speak to me until I speak to you grumpy.

Now the best/hardest part. I have to award this to 7 beautiful bloggers. I love and hate this at the same time. I have so many blogs that I love to death. If I leave you off, trust me, it is not because I wanted to...can I change the 7 to 107???

1. Naomi at Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip

2. Dawn at Nicest Meany

3. Karrah at Eggs Don't Bounce

4. Niki at Miss Understood

5. Christie at Baby Tea Leaves

6. Annissa Rae at Moon N Star Mommy

7. Katrina at Kat's Confessions

UGH! That took me soooo long! Seriously! lol

Now enough of all that nice stuff...I will be back to snark away tomorrow!!! Muhhahhhaaa


  1. Ooh YAY - Thank you!!! Funny, I'm awarding you one too but I'll let you know when I have it up :D ... you forgot your Happy Award :D LOL...

    I'm sure congrats will be in order because I have no doubt you'll win the belt. LOL... I'm awful grouchy this morning, no sleep last night, Nathan was up screaming.... and I believe in ghosts too. Seen them, how can I not?

    Anywhooo ...... I'll check back later :D

  2. OMG I so did! I am sorry. I actually had 2. That was while I was computerless in AR. UGH. I need to get that one and the other one up.

    I was 1/2 asleep when I wrote this last night. I did not even hit spell check. I thought about it when I got in bed and then thought "to hell with it".

    I did not go to bed until 3:30am. My son went to the bathroom and got sick when I was writing the blog. When one of them gets sick I can not sleep. I keep thinking that if they need me I will not be able to hear them.

    So, he is home today. I am trying to get soup started for supper and LC is in full "I want to be held" mode. I feel so bad for her b/c her whole mouth is white where her gums are so thin. I wish all these teeth would just come on and leave my baby alone.

    I will get that award up today (or tonight) depending on how my day goes. I need to watch The Bachelor from last week. I avoided your post b/c I had not watched it, and now it has came back around! I got wrapped up in season 1 of True Blood (OMG that show is wrong on so many levels, but I am addicted).

    Yes, I have seen a spirit. It did scared the hello kitty out of me. So bad that I just shut out what I could see for a long time. I am more open to it now. I guess because my grandmother died I want her to come to me.

  3. woo hoo!!! Thank you april!! It means so much to me. ;) yay!

    Oh and Holy Crap LC has a toofer! Awesome!

  4. wooo, thanks april !!
    =] Yay Laney!

  5. congrats on the award!

    Yay on LC's first tooth. :) And, lol, I'm not a morning person either.

  6. OMG!!! Thank you soooooo much, April. You are the bestest bloggy buddy in the whole world. And congrats on all your awards. You are hilarious and I love you. XOXOXOXXOXO

  7. Apparently I missed this post on your blog. How I did this I have no freaking clue. I know its late but thank you :) Your blog cracks me up everytime I read it and I LOVE the new disclaimer. I think I need one of those on mine. I sometimes cuss, ALOT.